There was one so endearing
Whose presence was so interesting
And whose demeanour was compelling
With consistent expression that was exciting.
There was. There was!

Now in one place together,
but yet they are so far away.
They wanted to be friends forever,
Alas! It was a dream set ablaze.

Drifting apart day by day,
They thought all was well and good.
Oblivious to this reality,
That their fusion was transforming inadvertently,
Turning into a mirage; an illusion.

They both remember that night,
of teary-eyedness and of running nose,
The day it was to end.
Cries had no meaning.
Silence was unending.
They waved goodbye without looking.
Never to be together.
To live alone forever.

PS: I wish they come back together. My friends.




Sky so blue
Like waters of the deep
Flowing without end.

Sky so blue
Like the ink of a pen
Transforming thoughts into reality.

Sky so blue
Like the shadows of Phantasms
Engulfed in unholy intents
and bursting into blinding whiteness.



This is a game you don’t want to miss. A game available on the Android and Ios platform. I’ll be providing the download link for Android phones. It’s an addictive and interesting piece. The whole idea is about a bird trying to navigate its way through tubes similar to the ones in Super Mario. This game is also awkwardly related to the popular game Angrybird in that instead of birds getting angry, you’ll become the angry one.


Not as easy as you think.

Though the game has been removed from from google’s playstore by its developer Dong Nduyen. It is still available for download. The game is less than 1mb so no worries about the download cost. DOWNLOAD LINK FOR ANDROID