Maybe we’re just minions
Obsequious to self,
Servile to flesh.

We give in to the body,
we swarm in its perversions.
We sow chaffs and we await
harvests of gold dust.
Doing the same thing everyday,
And expecting different results.
Wallowing in total depravity,
Engulfed in absolute corruption.


We humans are definitely minions to our bodies. We seek to master our flesh, we crave to have dominion over it but…. we just can’t hold it down. We are subject to pleasures, power, wealth and riches, sin. We give these things power to rule us without even realising it. We offer the things that were actually meant to serve us, the power to rule over us. I’ve seen many people talk about the wonders of the human will, its sovereignty over all things. But does the human will has any of these characteristics? Definitely NO. People have been misled and many have gone astray. Some famous preachers were even caught up in this fallacious web. The human will isn’t enough to master and control the flesh, it is not capable to curb its unholy and enormous desires completely. Man was made perfect, until the devil stole that away. Hence, our fallibility.


Man in his fallen state is unable to do the things of God. He is unable to understand the spiritual truths of the Bible. The natural man is unable to live a faultless life. He is corrupted. The natural man cannot accept God’s grace and enablement that ensures total victory over the flesh and its desires.
The innate ability to obey God has been lost. When man sinned, the glory of God was removed from man’s life.

The only way to keep the body under subjection is through Jesus. Anyone who is in Christ Jesus, who walks in the Spirit cannot be subject to the flesh. He has crucified the flesh – the old man.

“Galatians 5:24  And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

Receive JESUS today and be free from all the desires and lust of the flesh. Become the master of your own body. Finally,

“Galatians 5:16  This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.”

Thanks for reading this. :D. Share.


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