Due to much demand, I’ve decided to make this tutorial. I came to the knowledge of
this technique some weeks ago and I think you’ll benefit from this.

File transfers made through USB cable and memory card readers have been discovered(by me)
to reduce the lifecycle of memory cards. This is due to the continuous mounting and unmounting of the card.

Frequently, when I transfer files from PC to my phone or from phone to PC, I’ll always have to wait for
some minutes before my card is mounted.
The method I’m proposing is devoid of all these hitches listed above. This method uses
the inbuilt wireless hotspot in your phone.  It also transfers large files faster. Now let’s get through this.


STEP 1: Download this app called “Wi-Fi File Transfer PRO”. You can download through the
link provided here. The normal version of this app limits the size of files you can transfer
in one session. This PRO version solves this problem. It transfers unlimitedly.

STEP 2: Install the app. Everyone should be able to do that.

STEP 3: Navigate to the Wireless hotspot menu on your phone and put it on. Your phone
automatically creates a name for you. You can change the name of your hotspot in that menu.
You could also enable privacy by passwording it.

STEP 4: Put on the Wi-Fi on your PC. Search for the name of your phone’s wireless hotspot and connect.

STEP 5: Launch the “Wi-Fi File Transfer PRO” app. Click on the start button. An address will pop
up. It’s always in form of an Ip. Click OK. Input that address in any browser preferrably Google Chrome on your PC.
Your memory card will load immediately and you can access it without the fear of disconnection or anything.
The most amazing thing I’ve found out about this method is that, you can access your memory card in your phone’s
Flie explorer as you access it on your PC, uninterrupted.

PS: This method does not take me up to 1 minute to set up.
For non-android users, if this app is available for download on your phone’s platform. The steps are much of the same. CHEERS.


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